Ink & Earth: Coaching, teaching and tweaking CSS


Ink & Earth needed a website to showcase her work in illustration. She already have a great funnel for her skinart through Instagram and Facebook. The next step was to build a website for reaching a more professionnal oriented audience.

The challenge was to find a simple platform she could use to upload her work through her tablet. She wants to reach a new public to optimize her prospection, so we’ll also need a good SEO tool and a professional look.

It was a great pleasure to work with Ink & Earth on her website. Because she is my jungle neighbor, and her artwork is amazing.


I heard a lot of good things about Squarespace from creative no-nerdy people. She needs to handle the platform for uploading herself the content. And a professionnal looking templates. No need to think more about it. Squarespace it is !

We spent two hours together to talk about her business goals and web marketing. I had some question to ask her to now her audience, her strengh and what’s blocking her.

Making it:

She already knew what design and vibe she wanted. She showed me some website she likes, and that’s it ! I didn’t have to think to much about the design, and just respect her vision and align everything.

We spent 5 hours together were she learned how to use this platform and upload her own content.


After this day of teaching/coaching, I tweaked the CSS and change the template

We first used the “Wexley” template but we couldn’t quickly add caption to the lightbox. We made the choice to spent some time changing the template for gaining time when she will update her content later. A better preparation for a quicker process. The Flatiron template was kind of the same design and did a better job for the galleries.

I had to do more CSS tweaking that I thought. I’m a little bit disapointed by Squarespace for not explaining clearly what features each templates have or not. When your client have to pay for a full service, it hurts a little bit. But nothing some research online can fix, and a few knowledge in CSS and HTML.


Want something like that ? Contact me !


Next steps:



  • Add custom font
  • Tweak the gallery again
  • Optimize the cross platform SEO
  • remplace social icon (bug with adblock)

Squarespace's forum
Template comparison chart by a very patient person

Phase 1: 9.5 hours
Phase 2: coming in April
Time report : Toggl_time_entries.pdf