Your Middle Woman for Online Stuff

Hi Internet People !

My name is Anne-Camille, aka Zuper Ninja. I spend most of my time online and making stuff on my computer or at my workbench. I used to teach computer skills to adult, and help my friends naviguate the world wild web.

For me, the internet is an amazing place and community where you can learn anything you want. Sometimes it’s just too much and the first steps are hard to climb. It’s easy to get lost and feel frustrated. I remember my students who wanted to quit when a message pop-up on their screens, or when they wanted to display a picture on their website and it breaks all their layout ! That sucks, and it’s easy to quit if you are by yourself, or don’t have time.

That’s where I want to offer you my help !

What I do:

  • guide you through all these web marketing strategy shenanigans (SEO, storytelling, etc)
  • help you find the platform you need for selling your art
  • build a website for your new activity
  • teach you how to use socials networks for your events
  • show you how to use free and legal resources and softwares
  • and all the boring technical stuff you don't want to know about

What you get:

  • individual support documentations (video and text)
  • a cup of tea (or coffee)
  • creative and easy way to complete your goals
  • general homemade tips and methods
  • concise report of what I worked on

My process:

Nobody have time for endless discussion and 2 page-long emails.

  1. I will send you a first email with some basics questions, your responses will narrow down what you need.
  2. We can have a 30 minutes meetings to prepare what we will do and lay down a timeline.
  3. Get to it together or during a solo mission.
  4. Hand over all the documents and information to you.
  5. Stay in touch after the job to check on you :)



Contact me, it will be fun !



Portfolio :


Ink & Earth

Ink & Earth

Build a website for reaching a more professionnal oriented audience.

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The Starius Project

The Starius Project

Create a website in a short period of time in Wordpress.

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