Custom boxed wine V.1

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A friend let me stay in his apartment during one of my stays at OpenFab. He has a good bed, a cat and nice books. So you know, I wanted to thank him. My mom raised me right.



I used the TabbedBox extension to build the vector file on inkscape, inspired by Nicolas. After generating the box with the correct parameters (size, kerf, etc), I added a little bit of text, a good meme, a hole for the bag’s spout, and a removable bottom.

I put a 3mm mdf in the lasercut:

  • Engrave in orange = for the slide, then I trimmed the wood with a thin cisel. Setting : fill + fast
  • Cut = green for the first cut. Black for the final cut. Why ? This way your wood doesn’t move during the small cuts.


After that, I flipped the side of one of the panels, and engraved the grumpy cat’s meme. (thanks Dewi for your help)

Potential upgrades

  • Make a bigger hole for the bag’s spout.
  • Add a nice varnish.
  • Don’t do it last minute.
  • Design a better refill system.

Link to the Github’s Issue for more information

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