Stage Design : Zome

Link to the Github’s Issue for more information

The Quest

Moving in Chiang Mai, I gravite around a group of friends involved in the art/music/magic festival Jai Thep. This year they went from 1 to 3 days with more stages. My friend Joshua wanted to build a Zome for the Chill Out stage. Obviously, I forced him to take me as a partner.

We had 3 months and 10 days on site to build a stage that will play 24/24h. A limited budget, and a new country to discover for me.


The Crew

  • Joshua : Co-Heroes; amazing Australian dude, with skills in carpenting, musician and dj skills
  • @ElectroGuyMika : The Wise, telepathic transmission of electronic and arduino skills
  • Art Team : lead by Joelle, guru in Tie-Dye
  • Chelsea : The Mother of JellyFish
  • Camille : SideKick
  • The helpers

The Journey

I joined Joshua on the 27th of November 2017, he already had an idea of the disposition of the area.


The theme of the festival was : An other world.

Our location was near a little river, and surrounding by mountains. So I turned this around the idea of Atlantis, and giant sleeping under ground. The zomes would be their hat, and people will dance between their remands.


We started by doing some math and building a first prototype. We made a lot of rookies mistakes. It was a good thing ! (posts)

Then we could start on the BIG ONE !

During the installation, it wasn’t always go as we wanted. We only kept one eye and put it in the center. Not looking like a giant anymore but fun enough :D and less electronics to do in a small amount of time.

At the end it looked very nice ! And the area was a hit, a lot of people were chilling there under the shades and by the river. DJs had a lot of space to move. And the lightning at night add a lot of fun.

The Rewards

+ 2 carpenters skills (table saw + circular saw) 
+ 3 logics
+ 1 fabrics skills
+ 5 explorer
+ 2 electronics
+ 5 animatronics
+ 20 confidence boosters
+ 1 socials skills
+ 2 fusion 360
- 7000 Bahts